Saturday, July 16, 2011

Rahlen's Kale Slaw

Good Morning Sunshine! What a great weekend with which to wake up! We're planning a day with friends and family on the boat then swimming and BBQ'ing to take us right into the evening.

Two days ago, I happened along a sampling of Kale Slaw from a thoughtful friend. It was amazing! So good that I found myself making it for said BBQ. I was also impressed with this Slaw because this member of the cabbage family is the superhero of healthy foods. For instance, Kale is:
  • An excellent source for beta carotene and Vitamin C
  • Also great for folate, calcium, iron and potasssium
  • Protects against cancer thanks to its bioflavonoids
That's right! Kale will transform you into a summer superhero! After powering up from eating this amazing slaw, go do something good for mankind! Like helping an old lady carry her beer to her car. But remember, "with great power, comes great responsibility".

What a Happy Salad!

Rahlen's Kale Slaw

-1 bunch kale
-1 clove garlic (finely diced)
-1/4 cup toasted pine nuts
-1/2 cup sundried tomatoes (preferably in oil) chopped
-1/2 cup fruity olive oil (I used half the oil from the sunddried tomatoes)
-3 tbsp. red wine vinegar
-salt to taste
-parmesean cheese to taste

Cut the spine from each leaf. It's the bitter part so you don't want. Just basically tear the leaves from the spine, then bunch the leaf up and chop into strips, then cut strips into smaller pieces. Place kale into large bowl.

Add all other ingredients and mix well. Let sit for 15min to let the flavours amalgamate. I actually tossed this the day before.


  1. I've never had Kale, but always wanted some. Transplants go on sale next week at one of community garden educational centers and I had thought about planting some. I think I will. Thanks for the recipe.

  2. I say go for it! Super healthy and even my kiddies loved it. :)

  3. love kale :)
    i made the chips and they totally rock. xoxo
    love ya!


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