Monday, November 15, 2010

I feel a bit of a mess today...

On-Going Agony: My tooth hurts; a temporary filling I must wear for 4 months. It looks as though I've got a piece of Trident gum stuck on my molar. I miss crunching on that side of my mouth. I can't believe how bland things taste when you only have one side to tantalize.

Morning Agony: I woke up looking like the elephant man (see 'A La Mode' Mango sidebar to feel my pain). Swelling has since gone down, but still feel compelled to tell complete strangers I have a mango allergy and was not involved in a rumble.

Mid-Day Agony: Just finished cooking a meal for a family that lost its mother. Three kids. One husband. A hard road ahead, no doubt. Who am I to have this glorious day to spend? Why me? Thank you, Universe. Thank you, God. I get to love today. I get to be loved. I am blessed.

Maybe I'm not such a mess after all. Maybe life is perfect. I'm thankful for my tooth, for mangos, for everything life throws my way. No guarantees, right? For now, I want to help. I want to hold others up. Today, I get to say the words "I Can" while others have a today filled with "I can't".

photo by ampamucka on flickr

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  1. Man that was quite a post, I laughed, I cried, it was better than 'Cats'!

    Truly it actually was!


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