Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The cutest volunteers you could ever meet

To all you faithful followers, I know I haven't been checking in too much lately. I am on my summer blogging hours! How can one sit at the computer on these glorious riding days? However, this does not mean I have nothing to say (rarely the case!) and I wish to share with you an experience that I strongly suggest you create for yourselves as well.

Four years ago, I decided to organize a Survivor/Amazing Race for a group of friends. My secret dream to partake in the real 'Survivor' is sadly unrealistic for two reasons. I could not survive the 30 days without my kiddies and plus I am Canadian (through and through!). So I went on to organize a day that purges this ambition.

I deemed it the Slightly Incredible Island Race and, year after year, it has always been a fantastic day of events, but the stories and quick friendships that emerge from this race were the unexpected gifts in planning this day of mayhem.

The first year was a little tough to convince others to partake. Some were worried about the physical requirements and others deemed the idea lame (we won't name names, Jeremy). Since then I have had to add multiple teams to the roster to include others begging to do the event. We now have six teams of six people and a waiting list the length of my arm for others desperately hoping to sub in for an injured player (I feel that 36 people is the maximum on this kind of day).

This is a list of what us 40-year-old, frolicking contestants dove into this year:

-scavenger hunt
-running through tangled forests
-water throwing
-building fires, catapults, dinghy races
-frisbee golf

...and the best part...

...sprinting to the finish line located at the pub:

a little envy between contestants and the winning team is abundant

Topped off with a round of inebriated guitar singing on the patio, the handing out of the dirty-sock and clean-sock awards, this is now my favourite day of the year. We have had people bail on relatives' weddings in order not to miss another year of craziness.

If you're looking to create great memories, forge friendships and serve your competitive streak, I highly recommend planning a day for your own group. Not one person who has ever signed up for this race has regretted it. And, ironically enough, Jeremy's name is always at the top of the sign-up sheet ever year.

ps) Team Grey rules, Team Black sucks


  1. I agree... Definitely one of my favourite days of the year.. I get sad when the day ends and can't wait for next year!!! Tracey, you organizing this event not only provides so many of your firends with a great memory but you are right.. GREAT friendships that forge so quickly!!! Everyone involved is so much fun!!

    I can't thank you enough Tracey for putting this event on!!!

  2. Well, this year I wasn't alone in the planning. So right back atcha' Darryl!

  3. It was fun planning our little event. But it's still on you Trace. This is your event.. So when the guy from Brocks security tracks you down to yell at you for the phone calls, you'll know why.. :)

    We already have an even better event planned for next year if we are so fortunate to get to host another, but I'm guessing others are going to want to host events now so we may have to be fair and bow out.. But if not, we want to do it again! Got a great idea!

    Ya know, one of the best parts of the race are the people I get to meet and then see throughout the year. It's like an instant bond as we are part of this special "Race" club.. Happens all the time. Just last night I saw Ben and Jocelyn at soccer.. If not for the race they would be completel strangers to me! It's really a special thing to say the least!


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