Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Chicken Stroganoff

photo by gopic on flickr

Quick and Easy Chicken Stroganoff

This was nice and easy for a super busy day. It turned out pretty good and I'll definitely be making it again when I need the slow cooker to come to the rescue. Enjoy!

4-6 boneless, skinless chicken breasts
1/8 cup unsalted butter (thanks, Spanky!)
1 package dry dressing mix (I used ranch)
1 package light cream cheese
1 can cream of chicken soup
Whole Wheat Egg Noodles

Melt butter then add dressing mix. Stir to combine. Place chicken breasts in slow cooker. Pour butter over top. Set on lowest setting for 6 hours.

When chicken is done, chop in small pieces (I shredded mine right in the slow cooker). Add cream cheese and chicken soup and cook for additional 1/2 hour or so. As cream cheese melts, stir to combine.

Cook the noodles how you like and serve stroganoff over noodles.


  1. Noooooo! Don't tell me you eat margarine?

  2. Oops. That was a copy and paste error. I used unsalted butter :)


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