Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Can you feel it? I've been feeling it for a week or so now. I'm taking a stroll around the backyard today and it's quite obvious that our habitat, our home, our stomping ground is feeling it too. The air is a little more crisp, Mother Nature looks slightly tired and the creatures that feast on her bounty, well, they show signs of knowing change is approaching.

Squirrels hunt for nuts and even beg for more when we've let our supply (their supply) run low. They stand on their back haunches with annoyed little pleas for us to toss out more walnuts and peanuts. These are modern critters, I realize. Foraging goes hand-in-hand (or paw-in-paw) with begging from the humans.

As I browse the gardens, the bees work frantically for the last of the nectar. I don't even know how bees hibernate, but they sure look like they're preparing for some sort of rationing agenda.

As I continue my survey of our chunk of the great outdoors, I notice my bike looks worried. He isn't sure how many more rides he has left in him before the frost and snow hangs him from the rafters in the garage. Don't worry, bike. I've got some special plans for you that will keep your tires spinning.

Man, it's quiet out here. The pool yawns, while it awaits its winter closing. The sand box remains abandoned with its backhoes and dump trucks resting in fixed indents. Ponds have formed in their little scoops - a true sign that they've been ignored for some time now.

I'm sure our piece of earth is wondering where all the kids have gone. Was it only moments ago they were conquering all things evil in their summer shorts and bare feet; waving make-shift swords and bow and arrows to help them in their plight?

Yes, hibernation approaches. And the time has come to fold away the outdoor furniture, mow the lawn once more and stock the woodpile for cozy fires indoors.

Even though I can feel a change upon us, we're not quite there yet. Tomorrow, we will hibernate. But today, we shall ride. As long as we can, until we can't anymore.

And when the snow hits the ground and my bike looks at me and asks, "What now?" I will answer, "There's always Joyride 150".

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  1. Love that line.... "the pools yawn".... the cool weather DOES make me yawn but I'm always so exhilirated after my walk through autumn's glow. How I love the changing seasons!


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