Thursday, July 8, 2010

Good news, Cookies and Catwalks followers! We've all been invited over to Laura Francis' cottage! Pack your swim trunks and coolers and head on over! You'll know her when you see her...she's the one on the dock with her nose in a book; glancing away only for a moment to motion us over with an energetic wave, welcoming us onto her little island in Northern Ontario.

Whether you know her by her blog (Black By Popular Demand), or through her published articles in Chatelaine Magazine, you won't regret stepping outside your heat-soaked suburbs to join her dockside and talk about some great reads this summer such as The Little Stranger by Sarah Waters or The Postmistress by Sarah Blake. This girl is my go-to guide for all addictive literature!

She's also whipped up some lunch fare for us - scrumptious salad with all kinds of good stuff that takes seconds to toss together. Lots of time to get back to the important stuff like twisting caps off frosty, cool beers and swimming with the loons (the birds, not the guests).

I'm heading out early to beat the traffic. I'll see you there:

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