Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Mom's Danish Pancakes

I was raised on Danish Pancakes. These were such a staple in our home and would grace weekend breakfast tables alongside fresh fruit to place on top.

My Mom's a pro at these, often serving them up at the cottage or when the kids sleepover at her place. I love when recipes link arms with memories. I'm sure these pancakes are already doing their magic in my children's hearts; wrapping this recipe around their memories of her.

Mom's Danish Pancakes

Combine using beater or wire whisk:
2 eggs
2 - 3 cups 2%milk
1 tsp salt
1 tsp baking powder
1 tsp sugar
1 T oil

*Add enough flour to make quite a thin batter. The consistency of the batter is the key (note how thin it is in the pics).

Pre-season flat frying pan with butter or oil. Add one soup ladle of batter and rotate pan to spread batter thin along the pan. When underside is lightly browned, turn over. The first one is almost always a flop. Feed this one to the dog! Be sure to spray pan with oil for every pancake.
Roll crepe up with a little butter and sugar. Or you can drizzle with maple syrup, roll up, and top with fresh fruit.


  1. I,too,grew up on these pancakes. My mom, your great aunt Alice, sometimes would make her own cottage cheese(I use recotta) and roll it up in these pancakes and fry them in butter. Much like Russian blini, I guess. We would have them with syrup of jam. And yes, the first one is always a flop. I always make my batter in the blender and let it sit overnite to proof. Your cousin, Patt
    My grandson, Donovan Joyce, is the pancake king around here. When he was younger and would sleep over we would alternate between these and my father's flap jack recipe made into alphabet letters or numbers. Good memories aren't they?

  2. Okay, now you've got me REALLY hungry for these. Must do them up this weekend. I also love the cheese rolls. So good! It's nice to hear the pancake tradition is alive and well throughout the family. We sure do love our recipes... :)

  3. I think my recipe developed from a combination of my Mom's and yours, Patt.(my Mom used whole milk half and half with water). And yes, the first one was usually hard to get out of the pan. BUT not since I started using a flat crepe pan. Much better! Strange how these favourites become so nostalgic. I think of Gramma Kurbis serving them up assembly line to us kids...and we heartily ate rolled up without cutting , syrup and butter dripping from our fingers.

  4. yup these are theeeee best. My mom used to make them too, but we put jam in them and then rolled them and then dusted with icing sugar! MMMMMMm-mmmmm good!!!!
    I think I'll have to make them soon. Perhaps sometime during this rainy weekend. Brad would love the cottage cheese ones!

  5. Yes, but get the dry cottage cheese. Hard to find sometimes...


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