Tuesday, February 15, 2011

I've been surfing the blog world lately and was actually looking for fellow mountain bikers. I came across Jon Earnshaw. Wow, this guy can cook!

Okay, we haven't chatted about mountain biking as of yet and I'm pretty new to his little piece of the blog world. But I had to stop and share what this guy is doing in his kitchen! Jon, do the people who work alongside you in Search Technology know about your master creations in the kitchen? One has to wonder.

Anyway, if you're looking for some great recipes (accompanied with step-by-step photos), please visit Jon yourself. Denise, this is right up your alley! And, boys? He is a BBQ master as well.

You can click here for one recipe that got my attention. You can also click on 'BBQ Recipes and Stuff' (which is listed under the blogs I follow). Isn't blogging awesome? Exchanging recipes with someone from across the world is as simple as a click of a mouse. Thanks, Jon, for sharing!

Some of Jon's food shots:

Yeah. Exactly.


  1. Hey Tracey

    Thanks for putting some of my recipe pics up! It's a pleasure to do a guest spot on your blog! I'm currently sitting on a train travelling between wet and windy Birmingham and equally wet and windy London!

    I'd much rather be mountain biking or indeed cooking!

    Thanks again - feel free to grab all the recipes and pics you like

    Cheers, talk soon

    jon :)

    ps my work colleagues just think i'm crazy or eccentric - probably both!

  2. Oh dear. When will you be hosting the first annual Cookin/Bloggin/Bikin rally at your place?
    And we need to reschedule, don't we?
    Jon's recipes look, hip-wideningly delicious.


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