Monday, December 20, 2010

This past weekend was about so many beautiful things that only winter can bring. Because I live with a certain someone who does not emit an effervescence for this magically white-powdered time, I have to concentrate extra hard on the good things that will keep my spirit lively during the next couple months.

This year, I refuse to let that certain someone's negative take on the season bring me down. When the wind whips itself around the -20 temperatures, I must admit, it gets pretty tough not to chime along with him . But after the great weekend we've had, I am excited with what's to come and I'll perhaps read this blog weeks from now and consider myself an optimistic idiot, or be reminded of what to appreciate.

This weekend consisted of:

-a scavenger hunt in town after dark with a gang of 10 and 11 year olds. Running along with them down main street in the snow and slush while bundled up in our winter wear was revitalizing; their energy growing contagious (despite the grumpy horse carriage guy who demanded the kids stop scavenging up and down the sidewalks. And the store owner who shooed the kids away as they tried to lob snowballs at his shops gigantic icicles). See how optimism works? Just ignore the cold, grumpy people and find the good in winter.

-taking the kids skating on the lake with their cousins. I love the sound of gliding skate blades on this town's frozen backyard. Yes, my fingers were frozen doing up all those skates in the snow. But that's okay, it's all the price to pay for the fun of winter! Yeay!

-eating barbecued hot dogs in the snow (thanks to Uncle Brad). They just taste better. Why? I don't know. But do it. Ingredients: hot dogs, buns, ketchup, snow bank. That's all.

-baking Cinnamon buns for Christmas morning and delivering the extras to some of my brothers. Getting my grandma's rolling pin back in action made it all the more special. Baking these in the summer months is just plain wrong. So without cold, we wouldn't have this tradition. One more pro to add to winter's list. Yeay again!

for recipe, go to:

-finishing a novel in record time because I couldn't put it down. Eventide came with heartbreak early on, but left my heart full by the end and I am left longing for more stories of the people of Holt County. Hibernation = Reading. By the fire. With a blankie. Awesome.

I even got that certain someone out for a walk in the snow this morning. And he...drumroll...enjoyed it! As the snow crunched under his size 13 boots, we even talked of going skiing one day this week. Perhaps he's coming around to my side this year instead of the other way around. Perhaps I will influence him. And we'll make it through another year in good health, restored spirits and an appreciation for all things winter.

Gotta' go. Skis are calling. Go Winter!

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